Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Possible Reasons for Toothache

No matter how well you take care of your dental health by ensuring better oral hygiene and healthy diet intake, you may still suffer from toothache. At this point, you may think of cavity as the first thing but it is one of the many reasons for toothache. Having that said, some of the reasons for toothache are worth mentioning in this article.

Tooth sensitivity
The sharp pain in your teeth may indicate the presence of cavity in your teeth. It may also mean that your teeth are sensitive. Teeth sensitivity occurs either due to the gum recession or due to thinning of tooth enamel. Now, the first thing you should be concerned about is visiting your dentist. But first, you will have to make sure that you are using toothbrush with soft bristles and toothpaste for sensitive teeth. It should ease your symptoms while you wait for the dental appointment.

Some toothaches are more severe
You can suspect about it to be a cavity if you feel stabbing and sharp pain after biting down on the foods you eat. Cracked tooth can also not be ruled out in this scenario. However, if the pain is too severe, the reason behind it may be the abscess in the root area of your aching tooth. Remember, tooth abscess needs to be treated as soon as you find about its existence because it is quite serious problem which is not limited just to the oral health.

Sometimes, it might not even be your teeth
While the cases of toothache having no cause related to teeth are not quite common as compared to the other types of toothache, these are still pretty much popular. For instance, you may feel intense amount of pain in your teeth if you have sinus infection. This problem usually occurs along with the congestion and tenderness around your sinuses. You may need to see your doctor if you think sinus infection is the reason behind your toothache.

Another case involves pain in the jaw. This may be the case of TMJ disorder which is also known as temporomandibular disorder. Another reason for the pain in jaw is impacted wisdom tooth.

What needs to be done?
Toothache is not always severe. Having that said, you may consider intermittent pain as just an inconvenience which may not look like a reason for the immediate consultation to your dentist. However, it would be unwise to wait for this intermittent pain to turn into something severe. Hence, you need to call your dentist as soon as you feel any pain in your teeth. It would be hard to tell the reason behind tooth pain because there can be many reasons. So, getting your oral cavity examined on time is the best call you can make.